Here are some ideas on preparing for a photo shoot. We predominately us professional photography in our real estate marketing. These ideas, provided by Florida Realtors and sources from Real Estate Staging Association, National Association of Realtors and Better Homes and Gardens blog offer sage advice for home sellers.

  • Freshen and Clean. Re-paint surfaces that show stains, scuffs or damage. Thoroughly clean house, top to bottom.
  • De-personalize. Put away magazines, toys, newspapers and family photographs. Hide evidence of pets. Remove calendars, bulletin boards and anything that could date the photos (ex. seasonal decorations). Clear photos and magnets from refrigerator door.
  • Accessorize. Add pop to each room with fresh flowers, attractive vases, colorful afghans, new towels, etc. On broad counter tops, display one small, attractive object (ex. unique espresso maker) to provide scale. Outside, replace dead plants and add bright-colored flowers in pots or planted in the ground.
  • De-clutter inside. To make home look spacious, decrease amount of furniture in each room and carefully group what's left.
  • De-clutter outside. Hide empty planters, hoses, trash cans, games, balls, pet houses, etc. Close garage doors and remove cars from driveway and in front of home.
  • Brighten. Before the photo shoot starts, create as much light as possible. Turn on all interior lights, open drapes and blinds and light candles to create warm ambiance.