We work with several closing companies but wanted to thank our friends at North American Title Company.  They have come up with a new, very cool tool called a Netsheet Calculator.  It is a simple form that we can use to help sellers calculate what the net proceeds will be from the sale on their home.  Similar to the HUD-1 settlement statement, it shows a breakdown of expenses related to the sales transaction.

When we have a listing appointment we can pre-fill the Netsheet Calculator worksheet and bring a copy with us for the seller to review.  Initially, we can use the listing price to complete the worksheet and then when we obtain a contract offer we can use the Netsheet Calculator to show the seller financial data in order for them to evaluate the offer and make a decision to accept, counter or reject the buyer's contract offer.

For buyers, we can use the Netsheet Calculator to figure what they may have to bring to the closing table in the way of money on the day of closing.  This will give the buyer a chance to prepare and they don't have to wait until the last minute.  Of course, the information is an estimate but still very valuable in making preparations for the closing day.

North American Title Company is always helpful and we appreciate this new tool.  Thanks for the Netsheet Calculator!  Another way we can offer outstanding service for our clients, both buyers and sellers.

If you would like us to help you on listing, marketing and selling of your home, just give us a call today!