In researching the June and July 2013 market statistics, many people are asking us “Is the market improving?”

The market has definitely changed over the past 12 months.  We had been in what is typically called a “buyer’s market” and then in the course of the past 3-6 months we experienced a “balanced market” where the number of inventory of homes for sale versus the number of buyers was in balance.  The continued decline in inventory down to the lowest levels in six years has contributed to the trend of market fluctuation and we now find ourselves in what is traditionally called a “seller’s market”.  In other words, the number of homes available is lower than the number of buyers which favors the sellers.

According to the Florida Association of Realtors market reports with John Tuccillo (chief economist and vice president of industry data); Mr. Tuccillo stated that “For the past 18 months, median prices have improved”.  The data would suggest, according to Mr. Tuccillo, “It is time to encourage potential sellers to test the waters.  Buyers are out there."

I agree with this whole heartedly.  We have noticed in our own experience with listing property recently that the sellers feel more optimistic due to the low inventory levels and an increase in home prices.  Homeowners that may have tried to list their home for sale one or two years ago without success are now feeling that today may be the right time.

An increase in consumer confidence and recent news of interest rates edging up slightly have caused buyers to make a decision to purchase a home today instead of waiting.

So, it would appear that if you have been considering selling your home then now is the best time in recent history to act upon that thought.  We are here ready to help you list your home for sale and place that “SOLD” sign in the yard!  Give us a call today.