Increase Your Home's Value Up to 28% with These 5 Tips

Great curb appeal not only makes your home the star of the neighborhood, it can also improve its value and help you sell if for more. Whether you're thinking of listing your home for sale or just want to make your home look great, here are several ways to increase your homes curb appeal.

1. Make your home exterior look like new.

For many potential buyers, the condition of the exterior of a home can leave a good or bad impression about what they can expect the interior to look like.

Paint. Take a good look at the exterior paint. Does the paint appear to be "chalky"? Does the stucco or brick have mildew or chips? A good pressure wash on the exterior walls, driveway and walkways can help. Consider the last time the home was painted and think about a fresh painting. The Florida sun is harsh on exterior painted surfaces. You can paint your home yourself, or consider hiring a professional painter. Painting is a fairly inexpensive improvement with between 60 to 100 percent return on investment.1

Siding. Weather and time can have can leave your siding looking dingy and there may be parts that getting little sun which can cause mildew to build up. Talk a walk around your home and imagine what a good exterior pressure wash would look like. If you need to replace the siding, you could enjoy a 77 percent return on investment.1

Garage Door. If your garage door is in good condition, try a fresh coat of paint along with painting the exterior. If they are older or damaged then get a quote to repair or replace the garage door. This could have a 91.5 percent return on investment.1

Fences. Replace rotten or worn fence posts and panels. If you have a wooden fence, consider replacing it with a vinyl fence. Keep shrubs and hedges trimmed back away from the fence as these can cause damage or decay.

2. Keep the small details in mind. Take a good look at all the special details including the front door. Its the little things that can make your home stand out among the competition. Think about a new color to paint the front door or shutters that would really make the curb appeal "Pop"! What about new door handles, door knocker or lighting fixtures for entry and coach lights. What about new address numbers? All this goes a long way to spruce up the appearance of the exterior and invite potential buyers to come inside for a better look.

3. Lawn and landscape. Well-landscaped homes may sell for between 5.5% and 12.7% more than other similar homes and studies show it may also add up to 28 percent to your home's overall value.Is you lawn lush and green? Is the irrigation system maintained and working, set to approved watering days. The past several months have been so dry with little rain. It is important to take care of lawns with regular watering so it doesn't begin to die out. Replacing sodding can be expensive. Another option may be to consider xeriscape landscape. Xeriscape is a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance. Xeriscaping has a cost savings of  36 cents per square foot annually through reduced irrigation and maintenance costs.If your community has a Homeowners Association, you may need to request approval for a change in landscaping or plants and submit plans and pictures.

4. Make your home say "Welcome". Do you have a front porch you can decorate with outdoor furniture?  Perhaps you have an area where you can plant colorful flowers. Window boxes, planters and containers with pretty plants or flowers can add so much appeal.

5. Online Curb Appeal. You you may know, may buyers are looking online long before they start driving by homes for sale. If you are thinking about listing your home for sale the first impression is very important so that potential buyers are drawn in by the home's nice appearance and professional looking photographs.

Are you thinking about the best ways to boost your home's curb appeal or just thinking about some general improvements to add to the beauty of the exterior and overall value of the property. Give us a call and we'll help you evaluate your home's curb appeal to help present in the best shape possible.

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