There is an old saying in real estate familiar to agents that says  “If it smells then it won’t sell”.  This is so very true. Of course, we try to relay this information to home sellers in a more diplomatic way. 

When preparing your home for sale one of the most important tests to perform is the “smell test”.  Do you have pets?  Does anyone smoke inside the home?  Do you use air fresheners or scented candles often?  Do you cook foods that produce a lot of strong aromas? All of these types of odors can permeate into your carpet, drapes, walls and fabrics and cause negative reactions from potential buyers when viewing your home.

When you are living in the home these odors can go unnoticed because of daily exposure to them.  If you have close relatives or friends then it is helpful to ask them for an honest opinion. Step outside of your own shoes as a home seller and you can probably understand how an unknown smell or fowl odor can be a turn-off to a home buyer when evaluating a home to purchase.

There are several things you can do to eliminate or at least mitigate such odors when preparing your house to sell.  For example, a fresh coat of paint on the walls or having carpets and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned will do wonders to improve the aroma.  Curtain panels that are made of washable fabrics can be cleaned or removed completely if that is a better solution for showings.  The air conditioning filter can be changed and a new filter installed to help reduce or eliminate certain odors from recycling through the home's air ducts.

We own an Air-Zone ozone treatment machine that we have used to prepare homes for sale or for rent in our business.  This machine does wonders to eliminate fowl odors. We generally run the machine 24 to 72 hours with no one indoors then we thoroughly air out the home before anyone goes inside. 

When the odor is removed then home owners can plan on making any necessary changes so that odors do not return.  For example, cat litter boxes can be placed elsewhere or cleaned more often and smoking can be moved to the exterior of the home and away from entry doors.

There may be unique situations or circumstances and each home has to be evaluated for the best solution to remedy any existing fowl odors.  If the goal is to sell your home for the best possible price in current market conditions then the efforts are well worth the trouble.

I hope this was helpful and explains the old real estate saying “If it smells then it won’t sell”.  You can find an estimate of your home’s current market value here or contact one of our agents today.