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Budget Breakdown For Your Kitchen Remodel

by Lisa Castanet
























Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Here's how the pros say you're likely to earmark your money. According to Florida Realtors and sources from National Kitchen and Bath Association.

  • Cabinetry & Hardware - 29%
  • Installation - 17%
  • Appliances & Ventilation - 14%
  • Countertops - 10%
  • Flooring - 7%
  • Lighting - 5%
  • Walls & Ceiling - 5%
  • Design - 4%
  • Doors & Windows - 4%
  • Faucets & Plumbing - 4%
  • Other - 1%


Common Expenses for New Home Buyers

by Lisa Castanet























When considering buying a home, think about these common expenses for new home buyers. Courtesy of Florida Realtors with sources from

  • $635 for bedroom furnishings
  • $575 for washer and dryer
  • $215 for window covers
  • $300 for computer system
  • $724 for sofa
  • $1,704 for other appliances
  • $1,172 for other furnishings
  • $270 for a new fence
  • $687 living room chairs and tables
  • $345 for dining room furniture and kitchen furniture
  • $2,106 for outside addition or alterations
  • $150 for new plumbing fixtures
  • $515 for lawnmowers and yard equipment
  • $1,203 other upgrades and repairs


Exterior Projects That Net You Cash

by Lisa Castanet
























Thinking about improving your yard? Here are the projects that provide the greatest return when you sell your home. Courtesy of Florida Realtors and sources National Association of Realtors and 2018 Remodeling Impact: Outdoor Features.

  1. Landscape Maintenance. Job cost: $3,000. Cost recovered: $3,000. Equals 100%
  2. Overall Landscape Upgrade. Job cost: $6,000. Cost recovered: $5,000. Equals 83%
  3. Tree Care. Job cost: $2,000. Resale value: $2,000. Equals $100%
  4. New Wood Deck. Job cost: $10,000. Cost recovered: $8,000. Equals 80%
  5. New Patio. Job costs: $7,200. Cost recovered: $5,000. Equals 69%
  6. Landscape Lighting. Job costs: $5,000. Cost recovered: $2,500. Equals 50%
  7. Fire Feature. Job cost: $6,000. Cost recovered: $4,000. Equals 67%
  8. Irrigation System. Job cost: $3,500. Cost recovered: $3,000. Equals 86%
  9. Outdoor Kitchen. Job cost: $14,000. Cost recovered: $10,000. Equals 86%
  10. New Pool. Job costs: $57,500. Cost recovered: $25,000. Equals 43%


How to Save for Your First Home

by Lisa Castanet

























Want to buy your first home but need help coming up with the down payment? Consider these tips to set you on the right path. Florida Realtors, sources,, The Motley Fool and resources, have provided ideas on how to save for your first home.

  1. Figure out what you can afford. Be realistic and factor in the monthly costs for repairs, property taxes and more you'll face as a homeowner.
  2. Talk to your Realtor about special financing programs. Many programs for first-timers offer lower down payments and/or provide down-payment assistance.
  3. Based on your research, determine how much you'll need to save. Include closing costs in the figure.
  4. Create a timeline for buying a home and then a budget to get you to your goal.
  5. Pay off credit cards, auto loans and any personal loans. This will make it easier to get a mortgage at a lower rate.
  6. Pay your down-payment fund first. Start a separate home-buying account and set up an automated transfer that moves a portion of each paycheck there as soon as the check is deposited.
  7. Look for creative ways to save faster. Cut back on luxuries and other costs where you can. Put windfalls, such as tax refunds, into your home-buying account. Consider working a part-time job.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

by Lisa Castanet
























Do you want a buyer's home inspections on your home for sale to go well? Here is some ideas on how to prepare for a home inspection. This information is courtesy of Florida Realtors and sources from Pillar to Post,,

  • If home is empty, leave utilities on and pilot lights lit.
  • Make sure electrical sockets, light fixtures, switches and fans work.
  • Confirm smoke and carbon monoxide detectors operate.
  • Check that faucets and toilets run properly and don't leak.
  • Clean stove and oven so they won't smoke and set off alarm when tested.
  • Verify doors and windows open and close and all hardware works.
  • Clear obstructions around furnace, water heaters and attic access.
  • Leave keys for outbuildings and exterior electrical boxes.
  • Remove brush and debris from exterior inspection points.
  • Gather documentation for renovations or repairs that have been made.
  • Provide sketch showing location of septic tank and well.
  • Remove or crate pets.
  • Plan to be away for three hours minimum.
  • Consider having home pre-inspected so you can fix problems before the official inspection.

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