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Preparing for a Photo Shoot

by Lisa Castanet

























Here are some ideas on preparing for a photo shoot. We predominately us professional photography in our real estate marketing. These ideas, provided by Florida Realtors and sources from Real Estate Staging Association, National Association of Realtors and Better Homes and Gardens blog offer sage advice for home sellers.

  • Freshen and Clean. Re-paint surfaces that show stains, scuffs or damage. Thoroughly clean house, top to bottom.
  • De-personalize. Put away magazines, toys, newspapers and family photographs. Hide evidence of pets. Remove calendars, bulletin boards and anything that could date the photos (ex. seasonal decorations). Clear photos and magnets from refrigerator door.
  • Accessorize. Add pop to each room with fresh flowers, attractive vases, colorful afghans, new towels, etc. On broad counter tops, display one small, attractive object (ex. unique espresso maker) to provide scale. Outside, replace dead plants and add bright-colored flowers in pots or planted in the ground.
  • De-clutter inside. To make home look spacious, decrease amount of furniture in each room and carefully group what's left.
  • De-clutter outside. Hide empty planters, hoses, trash cans, games, balls, pet houses, etc. Close garage doors and remove cars from driveway and in front of home.
  • Brighten. Before the photo shoot starts, create as much light as possible. Turn on all interior lights, open drapes and blinds and light candles to create warm ambiance.

Safeguarding Your Home During Open Houses

by Lisa Castanet
























Here are some ideas on safeguarding your home during open houses. These ideas are provided by Florida Realtors and some sources from Trulia Inman Realty Times.

  • Never picture anything of value in listing photos
  • Hide TV, computer and wifi passwords
  • Hide bills and other documents that might have your contact information, social security numbers of bank account numbers
  • Lock up prescription medicines
  • Remove checkbook and bank deposit slips
  • Take videos or photos to record what was in each room before the open house occurred
  • Lock up or remove jewelry and antiques
  • Make sure your Realtor has everyone sign in before touring the home
  • Hide extra house keys, car keys and garage door openers
  • After each open house, ask your Realtor to make sure all windows and doors are locked
  • Don't hide anything in your top dresser drawer, a place thieves are likely to look
  • Hide photos that show your family's faces
  • Hide smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • If you'll be away after the open house, ask a neighbor to check that all the doors are locked
  • Shut off desktop computers and lock them with a passcode

The Hidden Value of Homeownership

by Lisa Castanet
























Here are some of the hidden values of home ownership for you to consider when deciding if now is the right time to buy a home. This information is provided by both the Florida Realtors and the National Association of Realtors' Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Owning a home doesn't just help you build wealth. It also impacts your life and your children's lives. Here are some of the specific benefits homeowners may enjoy over renters:

  • Homeowners are healthier and live longer
  • Owning a home reduces the likelihood of divorce
  • Homeowners are less likely to suffer from depression
  • City homeowners are less likely to be victims of crime
  • Children of homeowners often achieve a higher level of education
  • Children of homeowners are likely to earn more over their lifetimes
  • Children of homeowners have significantly lower teen dropout and pregnancy rates
  • Homeowners are more likely to be involved in neighborhood groups
  • Homeowners have a better understanding of politics and are more likely to vote

What to ask when choosing a lender

by Lisa Castanet


























Did you ever wonder what to ask when choosing a lender?  Unless you are paying cash, you will need to obtain a loan (financing) in order to purchase your home. Here are some questions provided by Florida Realtors with sources National Association of Realtors and to consider asking your loan officer.

1. What are the most popular mortgages you offer? Why are they so popular?
2. What fees are included in a loan; and what fees will be due at closing?
3. Are your rates, terms, fees and closing costs negotiable?
4. Do you offer discounts for inspections, home ownership classes or setting up automatic payments?
5. Will I have to buy private mortgage insurance? If so, how much will it costs and how long will it be required?
6. What are your escrow requirements?
7. What bill-pay options do you offer?
8. What would be included in my mortgage payment (homeowners insurance, property taxes, etc.)?
9. Which type of mortgage plan would you recommend for my situation?
10. Who will service this loan - your bank or another company?
11. How long will the rate on this loan be locked-in? Will I be able to obtain a lower rate if the market rate drops during the lock-in period?
12. How long will the loan approval process take?
13. How long will it take to close the loan?
14. Are there any charges or penalties for prepaying this loan?
15. How much in total will I be paying over the life of this loan?

Secrets For A Stress-Free Home Purchase

by Lisa Castanet

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