We receive several calls into our office daily from buyers asking for more information on homes we have listed for sale.  We answer their questions and try to be helpful.  We ask them if they are currently working with an agent or Realtor to help them in their search to purchase a home.  Sometimes they tell us yes and we wish them the best in their search.  If they are not working with another agent then we ask them to share more specific information on what exactly they need or want and the barriers of reluctance gradually come down. 

We have discovered that most folks do not really understand exactly how Realtors work or how they get paid.  They don’t know why some agents ask them to sign papers or agreements before they see properties and buyers can be reluctant to commit to “hiring” an agent for their services.  These days so many buyers feel they can do most of the “leg work” themselves and just want contact with an agent when they decide they want to see a property or make an offer.

We try to be as flexible as possible in meeting our buyer’s needs and realize everyone has different ways they prefer to work or different needs and schedules that must be met.  We are here to help and really think buyers deserve individualized assistance.  Buyers do not pay for Realtor’s commissions and Realtors do not get paid salaries.  The real estate market is unique and ever changing today.  We are here to guide you through the obstacles of home ownership, qualifying for financing and evaluating a home for purchase.  Our education, training and expertise are put to the test with each transaction we are involved in as Realtors.  We are licensed and also must adhere to certain legal practices.  We are members of our local association of Realtors and commit to uphold principled moral ethics.  Our efforts are invested in each of our customers from the first meeting to the final day of closing on a home purchase.  Every day in between is part of that journey in helping a buyer become a home owner or for successfully marketing and selling a home for an owner.  We get paid only if and when we are successful in completing the process or “transaction”.

We love what we do and really enjoy meeting the people we help with our services.  That is the real joy and the fact that we can make a living from our efforts is just “icing on the cake”! J